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This page shows the legal instructions to be applied to all the Internet users visiting the website www.brain-nt.com (hereinafter, the “Site”). When accessing the Site, you agree to the following instructions without any exception.

We recommend you to refer to these instructions from time to time, as they might be modified without prior notice


  1. Intellectual property
  2. Nature of the information
  3. Links to other Sites
  4. Regulatory information and other information
  5. Legal disclaimer
  6. Web Site Availability
  7. Information about the products
  8. Legal framework
  9. Site Publisher

I.- Intellectual Property

The owner and administrator of this Site shall be BRN .SA All materials (including trade names, logos, and domain names) appearing on the Site are protected by the current legislation on intellectual property matters, and belong to BRN SA and/or any of its Affiliates (“Affiliates” mean companies controlling, that are controlled or are under common control, either directly or indirectly), or have a permit to use. No material of the Site may be copied, reproduced, modified, republished, uploaded, distorted, passed nor distributed in any form and via any means, either in whole or in part, without prior written consent of BRN SA. Copies for personal use may be authorized, those for commercial or domestic use are prohibited.

All the copies, either of all or part of the Site content, shall contain the following notice: “COPYRIGHT- ALL RIGHTS RESERVED”. Unauthorized use of the visual elements, both the components of the Site as well as the parts included in it, shall not be distorted, modified or changed in any form whatsoever. BRN SA or its Affiliates reserve the right to start legal actions against any breach to the intellectual property rights.

II.- Nature of the information

The information included in the Site, in particular the financial information, shall not be considered as an invitation to invest.

If that is the case, expert opinions related to a specific aspect of the content of the Site or excerpts of press articles may be included in the Site. Said information shall only represent the opinions and shall only be for information purposes.

III.- Links to other Sites.

BRN SA shall not assume any responsibility for the content of other third-party web Sites that may be accessed via the Site

We have no way to control contents of third-party web sites not related to BRN S.A. The existence of a link between BRN S.A. and the Third Party web site shall under no circumstance represent the approval by BRN S.A. of the site contents, which may not agree to the purpose of use of said content

Some external Sites may include hyperlinks leading to the Site. None of said hyperlinks may be inserted to the Site without prior explicit consent of BRN S.A. In any case, BRN S.A. shall not be responsible for the lack of availability of said external Sites, and shall not liable to review, control, or approve the content, publicity, products or other materials available or accessible via those Sites

Some external Sites may include hyperlinks leading to the Site. None of said hyperlinks may be inserted to the Site without prior explicit consent of BRN S.A. In no case shall BRN SA. Be liable for the availability of said sites or to the revision, control and approval of their contents, publicity, products of other materials available or accessible via those sites

IV.- Regulatory information and other information.

IV .1 BRN S.A. shall not disclose any of the personal details that you might reveal via electronic mail to any third party. Said information shall be solely used to reply to your messages as efficiently as possible. In accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection No. 25.3626, you have the right to access, rectify, update, or delete the details upon request as follows:

By e-mail: info@brain-nt.com. (Reference: Delete).

By telephone: Contacting us to (5411) 4322-0255 / 4326-1293.

In person: to our commercial offices at Carlos Pellegrini 589 , 9th floor CABA

In this sense, in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection No. 25.326:

The holder of the personal details shall be entitled to the right to freely access to said details at intervals of not less than six months, except there is a legitimate interest to this effect in accordance with Section 14, paragraph 3 of Law 25326.

The PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION OFFICE, Controlling Body of Law 25326, has the power to deal with the complaints and claims issued in relation to the non-compliance with the norms on personal data protection.

IV .2 The Site has not been designed to receive confidential information that you might send. For this reason, and except for the personal details mentioned above, all the information, no matter its format (documents, data, graphs, questions, suggestions, concepts, observations, etc.) which you load onto the Site, shall not be considered as confidential. Therefore, the mere data transmission shall give us the right to use, reproduce, disclose, or modify said data or transfer them with the purpose of processing your request.

V.- Legal disclaimer

BRN S.A. makes every possible effort to ensure, as far as possible, the accuracy and update of the details published in the Site, and reserves the right to modify the content at any moment and without prior notification. However, BRN S.A. may not guarantee the accuracy, correctness, updating, or completeness of the information published in the Site.

For this reason, and except for the direct damages caused willfully or by gross negligence by our company, BRN S.A. waives any and all responsibility from:

Inaccuracies, misstatements, or omissions related to the information offered in this Site;

Damages produced by the fraudulent intrusion of third parties who generate the modification of the information or the material offered in the Site.

More generally, any damage, either direct or indirect, regardless of the cause, origin, nature, or consequences, even if BRN S.A. has been aware of the possibility of occurrence of said damage, and which results in (i) the access or inability to access to the Site; (ii) the use of the Site, including any damage or virus that might infect the equipment or any other product, and/or (iii) the belief in any information directly or indirectly provided by the Site.

The information contained in the Site and any other web Site is offered “as is”, without any guarantee, either explicit or implicit. BRN SA does not offer any type of guarantee, either explicit or implicit, without limitations, in relation to its commercialization and fitness for a particular purpose.

VI.- Availability of the website

You accept that (i) it is technically impossible to maintain the Site totally free of failures and that BRN S.A. may not assume responsibility in this respect; (ii) that failures may provoke the lack of temporal availability of the Site, and that (iii) the operation of the Site may be negatively affected by the conditions and behavior beyond the control of BRN S.A., as for example the existence of transmission links, and telecommunications between BRN S.A. and you, and between BRN S.A. and other systems and networks, BRN S.A. and/or its providers might, at any moment and either temporally or permanently, modify or interrupt in whole or in part the Site for the purposes of carrying out maintenance and/or improvement works and/or changes to the Site. BRN S.A. shall not be responsible for the modifications or cancellations or interruption of the Site.

VII.- Information about the products

The information included and disclosed in the Site may refer either explicitly or implicitly to BRN S.A. products which are not available in some countries or regions, or that may be subject to different regulations and conditions of use according to the country.

Said references shall not imply any intention by BRN S.A. to sell said products, programs or services in the country where you reside. If that was the case, please contact us via the website and ask for information about the products, programs and services that are available in your region and/or country.

VIII.- Legal Framework

This Site and its content shall be governed by the legislation of Argentina. Any dispute related to the Site or its content shall be settled in the courts of Argentina.

IX.- Legal Framework

BRN S.A., Carlos Pellegrini 589 9th floor CABA , Phone (5411) 4322-0255